Frequently Asked Questions
Below are the list of Frequently Asked Questions by our customers.

Do SIMPLYTHEBEST use natural materials?
Yes, where we can we use a combination of Natural Latex, Wool, Bamboo material and Organic Cotton to enhance our mattresses

Are SIMPLYTHEBEST mattresses Allergy free?
All our mattresses are made from the highest quality components using Allergy free Latex and Urethanes (foams).

Do SIMPLYTHEBEST mattresses provide back support?
All of our mattresses feature zoned support systems offering different levels of back support and comfort. Different people require different levels of support and comfort so we recommend visiting a stockist to try our range, where someone can direct you to a mattress that may suit your individual requirements. For information on your nearest stockist, simply email us and we can inform you of a store near you.

Do SIMPLYTHEBEST manufacture low partner disturbance mattresses?
Yes, we specialize in Pocket Spring mattresses, minimizing partner disturbance and maximising support and comfort.

Will a SIMPLYTHEBEST mattress get body impressions?
All new mattress will experience a settling in period and may get body impressions with normal use. At Simply the Best we use high density urethanes (foams) to try to minimise the effect of body impressions, but it is normal for any mattress to get body impressions to some degree.

Do SIMPLYTHEBEST mattresses get hot, hold on to heat?
Put simply the softer the bed, the more the comfort layers will surround the sleepers body and hold on to their body heat. We recommend medium to firm mattresses for hot sleepers, and use a combination of natural material to increase ventilation in the surface layers of the mattress.